About Us

More than a decade old, Puente Marketing Communications is a small full-service marketing and advertising agency in Kansas City owned by Norberto (Rob) Ayala-Flores (MBE). With a rich network of contacts and contractors throughout Kansas City, the U.S. and in Buenos Aires, we’re able to bring big agency talent, experience and expertise to smaller clients who prefer a more open and personal relationship with their agency.

Our services include: marketing plan development, advertising, radio, print, out-of-home, direct mail, social media, SEO, event planning and execution, video production, merchandising, Hispanic diversity training and much more.

Our Beginnings..

Puente Marketing was conceived on the proverbial napkin in a Brookside coffee shop, nestled in the heart of the Kansas City metro area. You might think that a very unlikely place to ponder the Hispanic opportunity.  After all the KC market only boasts a Hispanic population of almost 10%. The national average is 16%. (Sooner than you think, that average will be over 20%! Ask us about The 2050 Rule).

The fact is, the Midwest is the second fastest growing region for Hispanic population.  And there are a number of cities in the Midwest that represent great opportunities to engage with the vibrant Latino community : Omaha, Wichita, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, Topeka and many other markets less obvious than the coastal cities of Florida, California and Texas. So what better place to begin than in the heart of this new awareness?