The Hispanic Market Beckons

Opportunity is a two way street. Brands are seeking new audiences. And the Hispanic audience is seeking new brand experiences. Their community is ready and waiting to be engaged.

The Hispanic community may very likely represent the ideal target audience. They tend to invest in the things that are important to them. They tend to more enthusiastically refer family and friends than the general population. They are often more brand loyal they prefer to do business with brands that recognize and respect them and their community. That means that Latinos tend to favor brands who understand them from a cultural perspective; brands who create messages for them, rather than merely translating general market communications.

Latinos recognize when a brand has made the attempt to understand them. Translation is a shortcut that rarely connects. In fact, it can undermine relationship-building. When communications are created out of an understanding of the culture, they accelerate relationship-building. And the benefits to both brand and consumer are rewarding.

The fact is that even in cities or regions where the average Hispanic population is below the national average of 16%, brands would be well rewarded to recognize this growing opportunity. It’s less the question, “Can you afford to market to this audience?” It’s more the question, “Can you afford not to?” This audience may very well see your brand as an opportunity for them, as much as you see them as an opportunity for you.